Host Your Blog Images with Dropbox

Hosting on a shared server and worry about the stability and security of blog files, as well as the bandwidth? There are lots of great services out there you can get your hands on. On ThemeFortress, I use Flickr but it somehow become redundant to upload, tag and do all kinds of stuffs before actually insert the images. Then here comes my favorite cloud service Dropbox. At this point, you can use similar services like SugarSync to achieve the same purpose.

Host Your Blog Images with Dropbox

In WordPress, you can use plugin like Pressbox to do it if you are lazy enough. My preference is of course, manually copy and paste public links on my HD which I 100% believe has a much faster speed than doing it online. To do it, you can create a public folder and move images to it. Right click and copy the public link and paste it to your WordPress. Done. Fastest way I can think of.

The Pitfall

There is no free lunch in this world. There are always risks, even with Dropbox. First, your files may be deleted by Dropbox. According to Dropbox’s policy, “Links that use up more than 10GB/day for Basic (free) accounts and 250GB/day for Pro (paid) accounts are automatically suspended”. As the staff explained in a forum thread, Dropbox is not a hosting service. That’s why you should always backup your files even they are currently safe in the cloud. Also you may use two different services, like Dropbox and SugarSync to backup your Dropbox folder (in SugarSync, you can select folders you want to sync, and of course, manually determine sync schedule is much more preferred in this case).

Also there are always countries blocking Dropbox and other online services like Flickr, Facebook and there is nothing you can do about it. If these terrible thinks ever happened to you, let us know.