My name is Zhen and I am glad you find this blog. ThemeFortress basically has no difference between the average well-known WordPress blogs you usually visit, except it is not well-known yet. Have to clarify first, I am not a professional WordPress developer or coder, but I do have certain knowledge to read codes and understand how the things function, and that’s how I create my own theme, which is what you are looking at right now (and I am sure you will see much more later). The main purpose of the blog is to share my have learned. From my three years of experience of running blogs on WordPress, I do think that I have a lot of things that I can share to my readers. And for posts on this blog, they will be purely from the first person point of view.


ThemeFortress is WordPress focused blog, and from the name you can tell it is even more focus on theme design. On ThemeFortress, you will learn about basic settings and developing of your own WordPress blog. From installing a simple copy, setting up your local testing environment, to design and code your own theme, super charge and fortify your theme with powerful framework and proper plugins. I think that’s quite enough for a blog, at least at this point.

I will do all kinds of theme and plugin reviews on this on blog, as well as sharing my own works, which is another important part of ThemeFortress. I am working on a WordPress framework and will release it soon. It is also the framework that I build this blog, and others. So, if you like the blog, stay with me and I will tell you how I started from a WordPress newbie three years ago and after one month of time I created my first WordPress theme. And you will learn how to create and polish your theme here.

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Please double check your Email address so I can get back to you. Some Emails just sit in my mailbox and were never able to delivery back. Also please do not send questions and customization requests regarding ZURB’s Foundation, you should instead ask on the Github or the Google Group of Foundation. For Reverie development and feedbacks, please visit my Github page, for customization and general support, visit the forum. I will not reply to Emails regarding support for Reverie, they are difficult to manage and no way to check the progress.

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