URI.LV Feed for Your Blog

FeedPress Feed for Your Blog

How many of you are sad about the demise of Google Reader, and how many even more afraid of losing something that is more important to your daily feeds, your subscribers. Even before the close of Reader, we’ve heard that Google is also dropping Feedburner, like the rest of the services that they acquired, poor Sparrow. Alternative way is to revert back to your WordPress default feed which somehow losing the ability to track stats. Today I’d like to talk a bit about a new feed service URI.LV, which may be considered as an alternative to Feedburner.

required+ Foundation Shortcodes

required+ Foundation Shortcodes

The blog was lack of update and I was busy messing things up on other projects. I am back now and hope to keep up the schedule of at least one or two posts every week. Reverie Framework was created over a year and during the period, Foundation has reached the 3.2 milestone. Meanwhile there are also other WordPress frameworks featuring ZURB’s Foundation and one of them is required+.

GChart: select type

GChart: Dynamic Charts for WordPress

If your daily workflow deals with charts a lot, you may want to have some really useful and simple tools in hand. It’s time to say goodbye to yesterday’s nightmare of taking screenshots of tables and charts from Excel and editing them before inserting the images to your posts (and repeat if some numbers go wrong). Created by Eugene Manuilov (straightforward) from Ukrainian, the developer describe GChart as a plugin allows users to create dynamic charts and embed it to their WordPress sites using Google Visualization API.

WordPress: Media Upload

Plugins to Improve WordPress: Media Upload

WordPress is good, and that’s why we are using it. But some part of it can drive people crazy. What’s your most terrible experience with WordPress? In this post, I will go through some plugins to help you increase the productivity of using WordPress. Before moving forward, let’s review the default and most primitive way to upload an image or media.

4 Plugins to Create MailChimp Signup Form

4 Plugins to Create MailChimp Signup Form

Nowadays every blogs have some sort of ways to keep their readers stick, either by social media or feed. And among which here is one of the most important, maillist. You don’t need me to tell you how important it is for your blogging life. Creating a maillist or newsletter service on your WordPress blog is extremely easy, you have loads of plugins to do it.

bbPress2 BBCode

7 Plugins to Super Charge Your bbPress 2.0 Forum

bbPress 2.0 was released back in September, with loads of changes and improvements. However, these changes, as usual, are far from enough to most blogger who want to run a forum. In this post, I will talk about several interesting and useful plugins that are compatible with the latest release of bbPress. But you should be aware that in order to have the best result from these plugins, you need to test them before put them on the productive sites. I will point out some notices along with the plugins below.